Artist Statement

I have always noticed the little details in life, sometimes before the whole. I will see shadows before what causes them, and follow the intricate patterns on a stone before I acknowledge the mountain. The intricacy of reality fascinates me, and it always seems that everyone else moves on too quickly—focusing only on their final goal—to see how beautiful the world can be if one only stops to look. People often only skim the surface of experiences like whirligigs on a pond, too preoccupied to stop and just be. I have always been the minnow, the nymph, the tadpole who dives beneath to explore the sand and the weeds and the play of sunlight on the stones below, and while I will stop to enjoy the ripples on the surface they are not my sole concern.

My work is an attempt to share and explore the things I see and the connections I draw between them. Some (perhaps many) of my creations may seem nonsensical or macabre at first, but I challenge you to dive deeper - because nothing is truly unrelated or not worth appreciating. A young newt can be as majestic as a nebula, and a decaying squirrel as exquisite as a tree in autumn. All that’s needed is a change in perspective.

I work from my own photographs, collected objects, and experiences whenever possible and thoroughly research everything else.



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